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Welcome to Tinnitus Synergy

You have been suffering for too long.

By the time most people have found us, they have been through all the conventional approaches of having, getting their ears checked and having an exam by their doctor.

Most people continue on to their hearing tested…which they usually find is somewhat or very diminished, but overall the evaluation shows no great abnormality.

Some people even continue on to have an MRI or their head.  Those are all good things to do, but when nothing is found…

they start to look at you…,

well, a bit like you are making this stuff up…

like you have nothing better to do than waste your time and money talking about this sound from nowhere that is starting to drive you crazy!

So, let’s settle this.  You are not crazy.  If you want to know the details about how this is a real, physical, neurological condition and how tinnitus really develops, check out this video that describes the most common neurological mechanism for tinnitus:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8KGvGBcSeU

The solutions are not secret, but they are hidden.

In my studies as a chiropractic neurologist, I am always looking for natural approaches to conditions that I can help my patients with.  As I started to research tinnitus, I found that there was good research that had been done that was reasonably effective in reducing the actual sound of tinnitus for sufferers.  It wasn’t just how to “deal with it better;” it was real change that was demonstrated on functional MRI images, before and after treatment — Amazing!

The approaches most often studied are counseling and Auditory Discrimination Therapy (ADT).  Counseling is helpful and white noise generators can be helpful too, but they don’t get to the root issue in the brain.  ADT uses auditory exercises to train the brain by listening to sets of 2 tones and answering if they were the same or different.   The process of ADT is different, but the neurology is almost identical to “notched music,” the kind used by Neurmonics.  There are quite a few studies published that have shown ADT to work.  The ADT program challenges your to actively think about the tones. This seems to be the reason it gets results so quickly and lasts so long.  So, I wondered why no one was making this widely available to the public…like it’s a secret.

It’s no secret; it’s just that there’s no money in it.  These researchers have to live off of grant money.  For example, I looked for the researcher who did one great study in Spain (C. Herraiz) in 2010, but in 2014 he was doing work on malignant transformation of tumor cells.  There is much important work to do, and folks must make a living doing it.  Well, I make a living helping patients in my office, so, I thought I could make time to develop a program.  I thought if I applied the full force of my functional neurology training, I could make this work even better. So, although the expert researchers had to move on before they could perfect the technique, I decided to take up the pursuit.

The solutions were also hidden due to technology imitations.  I quickly found many hurdles that the researchers had in making this available to a wider population.  We had to find a way to make this program available to users online.  But, if we did, would it work as well?  That was the first part of the research.  Here is the short version of what happened:

  • We developed an online version of the proven/researched version of the Auditory Discrimination Therapy (ADT).  Then we did online testing of it:  It worked well.
  • We tested several, distinct modifications of the original ADT in order to refine the therapy.  The goal was to find the most effective approach that was also the most interesting, easiest, and most flexible for individuals’ with differing lifestyles, brain function, and tinnitus severity.  We found the versions that worked best. This is called ADT-Synergy(ADT-s).  (So far, it’s not really “fun.” We have an effective version using nature sounds, but we are working on even making a game out of this program.)  The first year of the study, our improvements were averaging 28%. In 2015, we averaged 39% improvement. This is exciting!
  • Finally, we found the “Secret Sauce” that allowed some individuals to get more relief, more reduction in their tinnitus. Importantly, the 39% improvement did not even include these critical recommendations.


If  you’re tired of the talk, and you want to get started, you can purchase the program here:

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If you have any trouble with the purchase going through, please give us a call so we can help.  (559) 635-8266 or email:  wholistic_health@sbcglobal.net

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The “Secret Sauce”

Okay, okay, it’s still not really secret.  In fact, it is quite common sense and obvious when you think about it, but it appears that no one is thinking about it for tinnitus sufferers.

This “common sense and obvious” information came in the form of 2 wonderful pieces of recently-published research on dementia REVERSAL (ref below).  Dementia is what happens with folks with Alzheimer’s, perhaps the most prominent brain diseases of our time….and, yes, I said REVERSAL of dementia. (But, let’s be clear; no one is saying we can reverse Alzheimer’s yet.  It is clear that we can reverse some dementia and delay Alzheimer’s significantly — see my video on that.)

The point is that they demonstrated that you can improve the function of the human brain in a short time by doing certain healthy habits. 

Brain - MRI scans of healthy children and teens shows 15 years of brain development ages 5–20 and the pruning process --NIMHRoot-IL-LibraryImages-High-prbrainmaturing

I developed the Healthy Brain Score by analyzing this research and correlating that with research on standardized questionnaires.  This score is based on multiple criteria proven to affect brain health.  The elements of the score include: Diet (incl. specific nutritional status & blood sugar), Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness, Stress, Sleep, and Gastrointestinal health.

Brain Nourishment Score

If you get a good score, it means your brain is being nourished well — that it’s fertile ground for healthy, growing, and rejuvenating neurons and neuron connections.  Other research has shown a good Healthy Brain Score promotes health in the memory part of  the brain (hippocampus).  My research suggests that a good Healthy Brain Score also promotes health in the auditory part of the brain  (brain stem and auditory cortex).

Now you see why this “secret” is really pretty obvious.  What is nourishing for one part of the brain is nourishing for other parts as well.

When we got an average of 38% improvement, we were not having people begin with the Healthy Brain Program. We tracked who was already doing these things the best.

This seems to be a big part of the reason the ADT-s program for Tinnitus worked REALLY well for some people, but not everyone.

Now, we begin our Tinnitus Synergy program with the Healthy Brain program.  

This adds the “secret sauce” to the already effective tinnitus program.

After a few weeks of being certain that you are flooding the brain with nourishing energy and nutrients, we begin the ADT program.

These are the steps of the Tinnitus Synergy Program: 

(Some people get satisfactory results during the Healthy Brain program or the Trigger Point Therapy before ever getting to the ADT-s.  That’s great.  Not everyone must go through all the steps to get great results, but they do need to be done in order to get the best results.)

  1. Healthy Brain program
    1. Check your Full Healthy Brain score and THI score
    2. Apply the individual Healthy Brain programs that you need to work on (provided in audio and text formats)
    3. ongoing: Check the individual portions of the Healthy Brain score that were problematic for you
    4. ongoing: THI score
    5. Score well on the Healthy Brain score for 4 weeks before moving on, but continue applying the lifestyle changes.
  2. Trigger Point Therapy(TPT) for Tinnitus
    1. Assess your Neck, Shoulder, Head/Jaw for Trigger points (using the self-evaluation video and worksheets provided)
    2. Begin Self-Trigger Point Therapy for Tinnitus (TPT-t)
    3. You may move on by adding the ADT-s before completing the TPT, but continue the TPT-t until resolved.
  3. Auditory Discrimination Therapy – Synergy (ADT-s)
    1. Assess your tinnitus frequency
    2. ADT-s program set assigned to you by Dr. Hobbs
    3. Train on ADT-s program

Until now, someone had to be a patient of mine to go through this 6-step process of assessing the problems and addressing it with solutions to nourish your brain.  Now, with the Healthy Brain score questionnaire,  you have access to this process without becoming a patient.

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If you have any trouble with the purchase going through, please give us a call so we can help.  (559) 635-8266 or email:  wholistic_health@sbcglobal.net

So, what do you do now?  What are your options?

Great question.

  1. Do nothing
  2. Do our program
  3. Do someone else’s program

We are not “the only game in town”, but we strive to be the best.  I often say, “If you can get the same thing for less somewhere else, you should go there.”  I’m a bit frugal that way in my own choices too.  At the same time, if a product or service is superior, I’m willing to pay a premium for excellence.

I want to help you with some of the research to make your decision easier.  First, I will define a couple concepts.  Then, I will give you the prices and website links.  Just because we are the best (in my opinion), does not mean we are the right choice for everyone.  I have to say “in my opinion,” because we haven’t put all the programs up against each other in one research study.

When I say, “best”, I am saying that, compared to other programs, I expect:

  • more tinnitus sufferers will get better, and
  • they will get better more quickly (60-90 days), and
  • they will have other health benefits from doing this holistic (brain & whole body) approach.

This belief is based on my own research and analyzing research findings about the other programs.

I’ll give you the information clearly, and you make the choice you feel is best for you.  Here are the components that are important to most people:

  • Time to Results – How long do you have to train on the program to get significant results?
  • Time per Day – How many hours per day are required?
  • Results – How much improvement is to be expected, based on research?
  • Method – What do I have to do?
Name Results Time to Results Time per Day Cost Method Category other
ADT  – basic group 18-point THI decrease (mean THI decreased from 62 to 44) 37 days 30 minutes Free research ADT
Neuromonics 15-point THI decrease (mean THI decreased from 46 to 31) 6 months more than 2 hours /day $5,000 Notched Music Product Review by UCSF, & Detailed at AudiologyNOW! conference

So, the program we are now making available is the refinement of the ADT-Synergy subgroup(ADT-s), taking BEST OF THE BEST from our findings and making them available to more people.

But, even though we think it is the best, what matters is that YOU think it is the best.  We want EVERYONE to be satisfied.

Some may say this is not realistic.  We disagree, so we put out money where our mouth is with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  You will get a full 3 months to learn from and apply the Tinnitus Synergy program techniques   Learn, heal, and see the results in yourself.  If you are not satisfied with the results, just send a refund request any time during the 3 month program.

Name Results Time to Results Time per Day Cost Method Category other
Tinnitus Synergy  60-90 days

(30 for auditory portion)

 30 minutes $1,500 Address what and how you Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think, Move, &  Sleep

Evaluate for trigger points causing tinnitus (and headache)

Then, Listen to tones and answer questions

Access to Maintenance, if/as needed, for 6 months.

ADT + Lifestyle


  1. Do nothing
  2. Do our program
  3. Do someone else’s program

And you have 3 months to receive your money back if you are not satisfied.

************PURCHASE HERE****************

If you have any trouble with the purchase going through, please give us a call so we can help.  (559) 635-8266 or email:  wholistic_health@sbcglobal.net

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