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You may purchase the all-inclusive Tinnitus Synergy program, or the portion that you feel will be most helpful.

(Note, after your membership access expires, you will have “Renewal” options available for much lower rates.)

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Tinnitus Synergy

This is the full Tinnitus Synergy program. This program includes the Healthy Brain program (with basic self-help, guided CBT) the Trigger Point Therapy-plus program, and the Auditory Discrimination Therapy.    

Tinnitus Synergy – full program $495/ first year – Register & Purchase  – Register & purchase your initial TPT-t membership is $34.95/6 months.


Trigger Point Therapy for Tinnitus (TPT-t) –

This is the Trigger Point Therapy program that includes all the evaluation and self-therapy videos, worksheets, and protocols. 

Register & purchase Trigger Point Therapy $34.95  – Register & purchase your initial TPT-t membership is $34.95/6 months.


Prices are subject to change without notice.


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