Testimonial – Tamar Weil

When I discovered I was having a problem the doctors informed me it is for life.  At that time the loudness of the humming in my ear was so high I could not sleep at night. Thanks to  the patient  guidance of Dr. Jay Hobbs my condition has improved considerably.  

The overseas treatment I received continued thru time of war here in Israel, a stressful time by all means.  The loudness got worse.  Still on the program, I proceeded with the plan and it helped and lessened  the intensity.

Dr. Hobbs answered every email I sent within hours, always with a good word which makes me calmer.  I’m very thankful to all you have done for me.

I’m looking forward to continue the next level.  I’m sure I can get even better thanks to Dr. Hobbs

Tamar Weil, Israel  Weil, Tamar Tinnitus testimonial

Testimonial – Mark S

I wanted to let you know that after participating in this study I have had noticeable relief and my tinnitus is less bothersome.  I am very encouraged and I strongly recommend that anyone who is suffering with tinnitus participate.  I would very much like the opportunity to continue with the training.  If anyone would like to discuss this experience with me I would be happy to share my thoughts.  Thank you.

Best regards,
Mark Shumow

Testimonial – Eileen L

I have been utilizing the Tinnitus Synergy Program that Dr. Hobbs offered for over a year now. It has made such a difference in the loudness and severity of my tinnitus.

When I began the program I was very suspicious that this would work, listening to the various tones and trying to Testimonial - Eileem Lostetteridentify them, but after a few weeks I started noticing a difference in the loudness and I was surprised that when I would get an attack, it wouldn’t last for days anymore, just a few hours. Dr. Hobbs has been such an inspiration and a miracle in my life.

He then introduced me to listening to the animal sounds with the hidden tones. This was so much more enjoyable and I loved the ease of use of the program.

Now I am on maintenance and doing nicely. This was such a life saver and it is just unbelievably improving my problem. Sometimes I don’t hear any hissing or humming. If I listen closely I can hear some but nothing like it used to be.

Once in a while I will get a bad attack, and I go right on the computer and do a full lesson and the next day, bingo, it lets up. I just am so blessed to come to meet Dr. Hobbs. Thank you so much for your hard work and research. You are a blessing!

– Eileen Lostetter